SOB 2011 Meeting at University of Georgia

Please feel free to post comments as a follow up to the 2011 SOB meeting!


4 Responses to SOB 2011 Meeting at University of Georgia

  1. Larry Williams says:

    Dear Fellow SOBers:

    I wanted to thank all of you who attended the conference this past weekend for making the trip here to Athens, GA. Further, I hope all of you arrived home safely and with few if any “glitches” with your travels. I would also like to repeat Anson Seers’ closing comment that this is one of the best S.O.B. conferences he has attended by stating, “me too.” The tone of the questions and comments to the presenters was developmental and positive. Further, the conversations at lunch and dinner were quite stimulating. This is what I thought the S.O.B should be all along.

    In any event, I’m blabbering now. But thanks again for making the trip and for making this a good conference this year.

    Sincerely — Bob Vandenberg

  2. Larry Williams says:

    And thank you Bob and Carol for pulling this off and hosting! Best…Fran

  3. Larry Williams says:

    I agree on all counts! The discussions were constructive and productive, and the Saturday evening event at the Vandenberg’s added a special personal touch. Thanks to all who contributed to a terrific meeting!

    Jeffrey R. Edwards, Ph.D.

  4. Kevin Mossholder says:

    The conference was a truly delightful experience and we attendees owe thanks to you and all the other organizers.


    PS. Clearing the campus and providing great fall weather for the meeting was also appreciated 🙂

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