Process for Nominating New SOB Members

Fellow SOBers:

On behalf of the SOB Executive Committee, please find below information related to the Call for Nominations for SOB Membership.  We hope you will carefully consider our request for you to nominate candidates from our field who meet our criteria and who will commit to regular participation in SOB meetings.

As for the criteria, nominees will be individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of organizational behavior. Nominee contributions to the field should include publications in high quality outlets, articles that have been widely cited, service on editorial boards of our top journals, and/or contribution to the profession via organizations such as the Academy of Management or the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  Nominees should be individuals who are likely to continue to maintain an active research program and make significant contributions to the field.

As for the process, nominators should submit a letter of recommendation detailing the reasons behind the nomination and a copy of the nominee’s vita.  These materials should be submitted to the Chair of the Selection Committee (a member of the SOB Executive Committee) by March 1.  This Chair will distribute information on the candidates to the Selection Committee and coordinate the review process, with the goal of completion by April 1. The Selection Committee typically consists of the four members of the Executive Committee plus seven additional members.

As you know, new SOB members will be expected to meet the participation requirement of attending SOB two out of five years after they are admitted, and they will be informed of this at the time that membership is offered.

Finally, please remember that only Active members can nominate new members.  Please visit the SOB website to find SOB membership information and confirm that you are active if you are going to nominate someone, and also to confirm that your potential nominee is not already a member.

The Chair of the Selection Committee will next inform those selected for membership and the members who nominated them.  These latter members will introduce the new members at the first meeting the new member attends (or make arrangements otherwise for their introduction).

Provided by 2011 Executive Committee Members


One Response to Process for Nominating New SOB Members

  1. Meenakshi Sharma says:

    Is it possible to become a member of the committee without nomination? I would like to become a member although my research has bee through my individual research, not associated with a company or university, hence publication has not been possible yet.

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