Proposal Guidelines for Hosting an SOB Meeting

Dear SOB Colleagues:

For those who might consider hosting a future SOB Meeting, as you likely know our meetings have typically begun with a social event on Friday evening, followed by a full day session on  Saturday and a half-day on Sunday.  We have had approximately 30 members the past several years, and it would probably be wise to plan for extra capacity as we think about future events.  Of course we need nearby hotel accommodations, as well as nearby restaurants or catering available.  The proximity of the nearest airport to campus is also important.  Finally, we are also interested if your university might be able to contribute to the overall cost of the meeting in any of several possible ways (e.g., hosting reception, providing meals and/or coffee for breaks).

As for the timing, SOB meetings have typically been held in fall, and October seems to be the preferred month.   As for major conflicts with professional meetings, I should point out that the meeting of the Southern Management Association is typically scheduled for late October or early November, so the SMA meeting date should be checked before proposing a specific date so as to avoid conflict.

If you would like to submit a proposal to host a future SOB Meeting, please contact the SOB Executive Committee to let them know of your intentions by December 15.  The proposal should be submitted by January 15, toward the goal of the announcement of the next meeting date and location by February 15.


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